Volkswagen Golf Mk8.5: Golf is 50 Years Old

The automotive legend, a successor of another legend, the benchmark vehicle of its class, Volkswagen Golf. Volkswagen, which aimed to produce a more modern vehicle than the Beetle 50 years ago and targeted change and innovation, emerged with a front-engine and front-wheel drive vehicle. Golf was so loved that it sold more than 37 million in 50 years. All vehicles in its class were compared with it, always seen as the best. It was always the best in its class in terms of technology. Golf, which has been produced in 8 generations in 50 years, has made up the last generation with internal combustion engines. Volkswagen, who loves to stick to its traditions, made small changes in Golf Mk8.5.

Volkswagen, which made small changes in the outdoor space, differs from the unmakeup version with its renewed front bumper, renewed IQ.Light LED Matrix front headlights, and illuminated front logo. I would like to emphasize that the front bumper in Golf Mk8 has a better design. The front bumper in the visual looks much more standard, powerless, and bizarre. The fact that the edges of the bumper are empty is another reason for this unusual image.

Volkswagen designers have preferred not to make changes in the side and rear view of the vehicle, except for the changing wheel designs and IQ.Light LED rear stops. Golf Mk8.5, which will offer a range of 100 kilometers in its rechargeable version, has placed the charging port on the fender on the driver’s side. It is also an advantage that there will be a DC charging option in a rechargeable hybrid vehicle for the first time. Golf is the car sold with the widest product range. There is a 1.0 liter 110 horsepower family car on the same chassis, there is a long road vehicle with a 2.0 liter diesel, and there is a monster with Golf R with four-wheel drive. Golf Mk8.5, which will offer 9 different engine options, has expanded its product range with rechargeable hybrid and GTE.

The Golf Mk8.5, which will come with a larger 12.9-inch touchscreen in the interior, has brought ChatGPT support to the voice assistant. Golf Mk8.5, which will be able to answer your questions with a more advanced infrastructure, also has a new steering wheel hub.

The Golf Mk8.5, which promises more power in the GTI version, draws attention with a wheel design reminiscent of Alfa Romeo wheels. More Golf versions will be introduced throughout 2024. So, how did you find the Golf Mk8.5?

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