Buick Envista: Affordable Premium SUV

Buick is a car brand that has never been officially sold in Europe. During the 2009 bankruptcy of General Motors, Buick, initially considered for closure, managed to survive due to its success in China. While its siblings Hummer, Pontiac, Saturn, and Saab were shut down, the Buick-GMC duo integrated into Pontiac’s former dealer network and began restructuring. For a while, Buick sold rebadged versions of Opel models in the United States and China. With the sale of Opel to the PSA Group, Buick started producing unique models and introduced the Envista, based on GM’s new VSS-F platform, offering both a budget-friendly and premium model simultaneously.

The Envista features a front end with a dual-tiered headlight design, with daytime running lights elegantly positioned on top. The adaptive main lighting unit is integrated into the vertical air channel design, with a single-piece large grille positioned in the middle of the boomerang-shaped chrome decorations and muscular hood lines. This uniquely designed model, with active air control flaps located below the grille, is propelled by a 140-horsepower 1.2-liter turbocharged gasoline engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission powering the front wheels.

I believe the Envista, which I consider to be the finest interpretation of the coupe-SUV design in the B-segment crossover, comes with body-colored bumpers in its top trim level, Avenir. The roofline, reminiscent of Opel’s Monza Concept, particularly bears a resemblance to this concept and later vehicles such as the Opel Insignia/Buick Regal Station Wagon that drew inspiration from it. The well-proportioned Envista is hindered in its rear cross-view due to the thickly designed C-D pillar, a classic coupe feature.

The LED taillights, resembling the front headlight design, are crafted in two pieces like the front lights. Buick designers, by placing the taillights on the sides of the vehicle, manage to create the illusion of a larger size. The car features stylish integrated rear spoilers on the trunk lid. The inclusion of a chrome piece beneath the rear bumper in the Avenir trim further enhances the premium feel of the vehicle. However, the absence of a rear windshield wiper and the high, horizontally designed rear window may result in insufficient rear visibility for the Envista.

In the cockpit, which also features physical buttons, integrated screens with large, curved, and flowing lines, along with asymmetrical ventilation grilles that complement these screens, present a stylish appearance. Buick enhances the interior with chrome accents and light-colored leathers, while also incorporating a flattened steering wheel and a physical gear knob. It’s surprising to find a premium vehicle with a transmission connection in 2023. The car comes with built-in WiFi Hotspot through the SIM card required for the OnStar tracking system, offering wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Additionally, it provides an active noise cancellation system with the QuietTuning feature, allowing for a quieter ride inside.

The Envista, which can be purchased with independent rear suspension, offers the comfort expected from a premium vehicle. The model, capable of providing Level 2 autonomous driving, includes features such as a sunroof, tinted windows, and acoustic front glass. Among these features, the electrically operated tailgate of the massive 586-liter trunk, which is enormous for its class, stands out.

With Level 2 autonomous driving features, the Envista offers these capabilities as optional. What are your thoughts on the Buick Envista? Would you like to see it sold in Turkey?

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