Volkswagen ID.7: Is it the New Passat?

Volkswagen has introduced the latest version of the ID family, the ID.7. Following the discontinuation of the production of the Passat, Volkswagen plans to fill this gap with an electric vehicle. The ID.7 is significantly larger, more efficient, more powerful, and attractive compared to the Passat.

The ID.7, featuring the front face of the ID family, exudes elegance with coupe-like trunk lines and a liftback structure, benefiting from the voluminous advantages provided by this form. With large aerodynamic wheels, integrated white-colored stoplights when the vehicle is stationary, and a spoiler integrated with the trunk door, the ID.7 follows Volkswagen’s universally appealing, simple, and elegant design language. Details such as recessed door handles contribute to the reduced coefficient of friction of 0.23, enhancing the vehicle’s efficiency and wind insulation.

The electric motor of 286 horsepower and 550 Nm torque in the Pro and Pro S versions puts ID.7 at a disadvantage in terms of power for the tax system in our country. The ID.7 Pro version, with a power capacity of 82 kWh, offers a maximum range of 615 kilometers. The ID.7 Pro, making an ambitious promise with an energy consumption of 13.3 kWh/100 km, increases the battery capacity to 91 kWh in the Pro S version, extending its range to 700 kilometers. Despite the increased weight of the Pro S, offering a consumption value of 13 kWh/100 km is surprising.

The ID.7, with a cabin design similar to other members of the ID family, features details borrowed from its siblings, such as the touch-controlled steering wheel, a touch control panel on the left side of the steering wheel, and a glass control panel with two buttons on the driver’s side. The small selected digital display panel has allowed for a larger area for the augmented reality head-up display system. The 15-inch touchscreen multimedia system is used for climate controls and even adjusting the air vents. If adjusting the vent direction via the touchscreen seems challenging, you can solve this issue with the help of voice assistant. Volkswagen enhances comfort with features like massage function, heated and cooled front seats, a large glass roof, and a bridge-designed center console, making the interior of the vehicle look more appealing. What are your thoughts on the ID.7?

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