The New Multivan: A Multi-Functional Van

Volkswagen is a brand that appreciates adhering to its traditions in crafting automobiles. One of the models that has been among us for decades is the Multivan, the most premium member of the Transporter-Caravelle-Multivan trio created by the German manufacturer, especially with its T4 generation. For the first time in its history, the Multivan will be produced on the same platform as the Golf (MQB evo), which it also shares with Ford Transit/Tourneo models. Launched in our country as of September 1, the model has undergone significant enhancements compared to the T6.1 Multivan. With a capacity for 6+1 passengers, the Multivan offers a flexible interior layout and high comfort levels.

The Multivan, with its blended design language inspired by the ID.Buzz and T6.1, is an exceptionally stylish vehicle. Offered in our country with the Style trim level, the Multivan boasts a front design reminiscent of the New Passat, especially with the integration of the IQ.Light front light signature and a bumper design similar to the one used in the Caddy. The Multivan features a more urban appearance compared to its predecessor, thanks to its rounded front end. The large butterfly windows created just behind the front doors, slightly set back for safety reasons, contribute to this image. The distinctive shape of the antenna is also noteworthy.

The side profile of the Multivan doesn’t deviate significantly from the typical commercial vehicle design. Prioritizing functionality over design, it features large and uninterrupted glass panels along with straight lines. Opting for a two-tone color scheme enhances the premium appearance, especially with the chrome strip that connects the front headlights and rear taillights. The horizontal positioning and dual-piece design of the rear lights help the Multivan distinguish itself from a conventional commercial rear design. The elongated spoiler and wind deflectors on the edges of the rear window add a distinctive touch to the vehicle.

In the cockpit of the Multivan, you’ll find a spacious interior with excellent visibility thanks to the large glass surfaces. The driver’s seat features a digital instrument panel, providing access to various information, and a 10-inch high-resolution touchscreen harmoniously integrated with the instrument panel. Optionally available Head-Up Display allows you to view essential data such as speed without taking your eyes off the road. The steering wheel, equipped with physical buttons, adds to the overall premium feel of the interior, ensuring the driver experiences the quality of the materials continuously.

The gear selector positioned between the screens and the electronic parking brake located under the wireless charging unit contribute to a clutter-free interior, maximizing available space. The cupholders next to the electronic parking brake button are neatly concealed, and the dual-level glove compartments offer practical storage without occupying too much space. Additionally, the three-tiered storage compartments in the front doors compensate for any limited space concerns. The ergoComfort seats, certified by the German AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs), provide heating for all passengers. The front seats’ electrically adjustable calf support and driver seat memory function enhance overall comfort.

The Multivan offers a versatile center console that can slide along rails and be used as a table. This adjustable center console can be positioned between the front seats or among the second and third-row passenger seats. The armrests on the front seats and individual seats now feature button controls, making them easier to adjust than the previous rotating controls.

The interior of the Multivan, which comes with optional rear-facing seats, has seats that can be heated; however, in the case of rear-facing seats, due to the way electrical power is supplied through the rails, seat heating is not available. With a 3124 mm wheelbase and a length of 5173 mm, the Multivan ensures comfort for tall individuals in all three rows. The flexibility of the seating arrangement allows for adjustments in configurations like 2+2+3 or 2+3+2, with all seats having adjustable and removable backrests. The middle seat can also serve as an armrest and features cupholders. The rear edge seats come with storage compartments underneath.

The Multivan is a multifunctional vehicle with features such as a curtain-free panoramic sunroof covering 2 square meters, three-zone climate control with air vents in all three rows, and high-quality materials throughout the interior. It provides a pleasant travel experience with sliding doors and an electrically operated tailgate that can be opened with a simple foot movement.

Multivan, IQ.Light LED matrix headlights provide excellent illumination for the driver while also prioritizing passenger safety. Equipped with semi-autonomous driving capabilities, the Multivan features adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist with lane centering, a driver fatigue monitoring system, an emergency assist system that alerts the driver in critical situations, and a fully autonomous parking system, along with a 360-degree camera for enhanced driving safety.

In Turkey, the Multivan is currently available with the 1.4 TSI eHybrid powertrain, generating 218 PS from this hybrid system and offering an electric-only range of 50 kilometers. What are your thoughts on the New Volkswagen Multivan?

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