The Loudest Electric Car: Abarth 500e

In our country, you might have heard the term “Abarth exhaust” colloquially used to refer to loud exhausts. Abarth is a well-established company that produces sports cars based on Fiat models. Gaining recognition in automobile racing, the Italian brand has recently been striving for existence primarily with Fiat 500-based models. Following the Abarth 595 and 695 models, Abarth introduced its first electric car in the brand’s history with the Abarth 500e, based on the Fiat 500e. In this model, Abarth has incorporated unprecedented features, not only within its class but also among electric cars in general.

Due to the tightening of emission standards, many companies had ceased the production of hot hatch models. The first electric hot hatch introduced was the Abarth 500e. While the power figures may not be as impressive as expected, according to Abarth, the model is claimed to have better mid-range acceleration than the petrol version. It is powered by an electric motor that produces 155 horsepower and delivers 235 Nm of torque, supported by a 42 kWh battery pack. Completing the 0-100 kilometers/hour acceleration in 7 seconds, the Abarth 500e aims to elevate road grip with a better weight distribution and a wider track, thanks to its electrically designed platform.

The car features a sound generator that produces a sporty sound outside the vehicle according to your throttle response. With the ability to turn this feature on and off through driving modes, the Abarth 500e provides the option for a silent single-pedal driving experience typical of electric vehicles when needed, but it can also transform into a spirited performer when desired. After all, when navigating the narrow streets of the city, you often don’t need more, do you?

Actually, the Abarth 500e doesn’t have much of a difference in appearance from a regular Fiat 500e. It presents a sportier look with an increased track width, sporty front and rear bumpers, Abarth logos, and Abarth embossing on the doors. The Italian model appears more modern with details such as Full LED headlights and full LED taillights, integrated door handle design, and slimly designed side indicators.

Sporty details continue inside as well. Differentiating itself from the Fiat 500e, the Abarth 500e features a sporty steering wheel with Alcantara covering, sport seats that envelop the driver, and Alcantara details. With the latest safety and comfort features and an increased wheelbase, the model offers a more comfortable and secure experience compared to its predecessor, albeit within the comfort level expected in the A-segment. It’s important to note that one shouldn’t expect the refinement of a Volkswagen Golf from this compact car.

Equipped with conveniences like keyless entry and start with a wearable key, automatic high-beam assist, electrochromic interior mirror, wireless charging, 360-degree parking sensors, rear-view camera, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a JBL sound system, the Abarth 500e is not only more comfortable but also safer than its predecessor with features such as emergency braking system, lane-keeping assist, and driver attention assist. How do you find the Abarth 500e?

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