The First Hybrid in Lamborghini History: Revuelto

When it comes to Lamborghini, the first thing that comes to mind is screaming super sports cars. However, the world is changing, the rules that automotive manufacturers must adhere to are changing, and market demands are changing. Like other companies, Lamborghini has also started to include SUVs in its product range. But why? Because people now want high-riding vehicles, and when Lamborghini joined this trend with a beast like Urus, it became the best-selling model in the brand’s history. Although it is part of the VAG Group, Lamborghini, like other manufacturers, is now obliged to produce hybrid vehicles due to tightening emission regulations. For the next generation of Lamborghini, we expect it to evolve into a company that produces electric super sports cars.

Automobile manufacturers have to adhere to numerous regulations when producing vehicles. Sound, height, lighting, collisions, fuel standards, and fuel emissions are among them. Nowadays, even gasoline vehicles have particulate filters due to fuel emission standards, and the permissible sound intensity of vehicles has decreased over the years. Even Lamborghini models will now have the sound intensity comparable to small-class vehicles from a few years ago. Although we may not see the old roaring Lamborghinis, the Revuelto is still a Lambo.

Lamborghini, known for its most aggressive designs, has extended this design philosophy to the Revuelto. With a sloping front hood, slender headlights, sharp lines, and a large front splitter, the model features a design that might be too terrifying to see from your rearview mirror. On the side, it has massive wheels, upward-opening doors, and air intakes behind the doors. Completing the vehicle’s design are hexagonal exhaust outlets, a Lamborghini classic placed in the middle of the slim-designed taillights, and a massive diffuser extending to the taillights. Lamborghini has achieved a legendary design with the Revuelto.

Revuelto generates 825 horsepower with its 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine, and it transfers this power to the rear wheels through its transversely mounted 8-speed dual-clutch transmission. Supported by a hybrid unit, this engine can accelerate up to 9500 RPM. The hybrid system includes two electric motors powering the front wheels and a third electric motor connected to the transmission, bringing the system power to 1015 horsepower. The 3.8 kWh battery unit is placed between the driver and passenger, ensuring a lower center of gravity.

With 13 different driving modes, Revuelto can be used in electric mode, even as a front-wheel-drive vehicle if desired. When more power is needed in electric mode, the third electric motor connected to the transmission sends power to the rear wheels for assistance. Lamborghini has improved the car’s driving dynamics by enhancing its aerodynamic design, chassis, and suspension components, making Revuelto more rigid and better in terms of handling compared to the Aventador it replaces.

Revuelto features a renewed multimedia system, offering a more up-to-date experience compared to other Lamborghini models. As a first in Lamborghini’s history, Revuelto comes with driving assistance systems, making it the first bull to offer features like blind-spot warning, lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, matrix headlights, and a reverse camera. Inside the cabin, Lamborghini maintains a stylish and modern design within the carbon monocoque chassis, showcasing the brand’s racing-oriented focus by placing a screen in front of the passenger to display telemetry data. What are your thoughts on the Lamborghini Revuelto?

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