The 5 Changes in the Facelifted GLA and GLB

Mercedes-Benz recently underwent a facelift operation for its long-standing compact SUVs. Let’s take a closer look at the changes in these popular models from Mercedes.

“1. The front and rear design have been refreshed.”

In the front design of the GLA and GLB, the German Star has refreshed the inner graphics of the headlights, incorporating high-performance LED headlights and taillights in both models. While the bumper designs of both models are renewed to emphasize the vehicles’ SUV genes and sportiness, the GLA stands out with body-colored plastic body protectors above the fenders, highlighting its more urban-focused nature compared to its sibling, the GLB. Off-road features available in the GLB were not offered in the GLA. New wheels and color options are among the added features to the lineup.

2. New MBUX Interior Assistant

“The GLA and GLB, now equipped with Mercedes’ latest-generation MBUX interface, aim to offer users a more personalized experience. Mercedes announced the enrichment of the instrument panel menus and the addition of 10 new color options for ambient lighting. The vehicles now also support wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto. The latest-generation MBUX, which remembers and reminds you of changes you make in your location, has gained a tour guide feature named ‘Tourguide’ in Germany. This feature reads 3400 brown signs spread across Germany, providing information about the location and features defined by the sign. Whether this feature will be implemented in our country remains to be seen. Lastly, the addition of the Dolby Atmos feature to the optional Burmester sound system aims to provide music enthusiasts with a better and more enjoyable music experience.”

3. Enhanced Standard Equipment

The German brand has added a rear-view camera, long-range headlamp assistant with LED headlights, and a USB package to the standard equipment, illuminating all USB ports. Starting from the Progressive equipment package, the GLA and GLB also offer an electric mirror package and parking assistant, consolidating options into packages for a more user-friendly vehicle configuration. While the lane-keeping assistant has been enhanced, the parking assistant has added the vertical parking feature to its repertoire.

4. In-Car Gaming Experience

In the facelifted compact models, you can play games like Sudoku and Tetris using the steering wheel when the vehicle is parked. A nice detail is the voice assistant that asks the driver questions to ensure they stay alert while driving.

.Mercedes-Benz GLA

5. More Eco-Friendly Materials and Engines

Mercedes-Benz, for the facelifted GLA and GLB models, produces fabrics and leathers using recycled materials. In compliance with the tightening emission regulations, Mercedes-Benz has decided to electrify the engines of these models. All petrol engines in these compact Mercedes vehicles will be offered with mild-hybrid units, and as a plug-in hybrid option, the 1.33-liter turbo petrol engine with an electric motor has been combined to increase the system’s combined power to 216 horsepower, up from 163 horsepower. The torque value has also been increased from 270 Nm to 450 Nm.

How did you find the new GLA and GLB series?

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