Tesla’s First Model in Türkiye: Model Y

After a long and complicated process that resembled a saga, electric car manufacturer Tesla has finally arrived in Turkey. Nine years after the official establishment of the company in Turkey, Tesla introduced its first model to the Turkish market, entering with competitive prices. Let’s take a close look at the first model officially offered by the American manufacturer in our country, which, for now, is only the Model Y.

Since its introduction with a design philosophy embracing minimalism, Tesla has been making a name for itself with vehicles that have a distinct appearance. The same design language is maintained in the Model Y. Despite the initially seemingly absent front bumper grille, it looks quite elegant. Every part of the aerodynamically designed Model Y, including its smart grille shutters, aerodynamic wheel covers, and egg-like design, highlights its efficiency in this aspect. Resembling an elevated Model 3, the Model Y stands out with details such as high-set LED headlights, slim fender protectors, and concealed door handles. Integrated spoiler on the tailgate and LED taillights also add beauty to the vehicle’s coupe structure.

The Model Y, which will be imported with three motor options in our country, demonstrates its performance in the Rear-Wheel Drive version by offering a range of 455 kilometers, accelerating from 0 to 100 kilometers/hour in 6.9 seconds, and reaching a maximum speed of 217 kilometers/hour. Priced at 1,563,000 Turkish Lira, the Rear-Wheel Drive version is the most affordable model in the family. The Long Range version, available as a dual-motor all-wheel-drive version, offers a range of 565 kilometers if you choose the 19-inch wheels. The Long Range, reaching 100 kilometers/hour in 5.0 seconds, has the same top speed as the Rear-Wheel Drive. The Long Range version is priced at 1,702,000 Turkish Lira. The Performance, the most powerful in the family, is imported with dual motors and all-wheel drive, just like the Long Range version, but it comes with a lowered suspension system, more powerful brakes, and 21-inch alloy wheels. While its acceleration time to 100 kilometers/hour decreases to 3.7 seconds, and its maximum speed increases to 250 kilometers/hour, the range it offers decreases to 514 kilometers.

Tesla continues its minimalistic design philosophy in the interior, featuring a unique, simple, and universally appealing design. The Model Y’s interior includes a 15-inch single-screen low-dashboard design with no traditional instrument panel, a steering wheel with only 2 buttons, a wireless charging port capable of charging 2 phones simultaneously, a massive glass roof, vegan leather seats, and concealed ventilation outlets. While the challenge of performing all functions through the touchscreen has led to complaints about difficulties, and despite the use of good materials in the interior, some complaints about poor workmanship have been raised for the Tesla Model Y in our country, where, for now, only the 5-seater version is available. The availability of the 7-seater version is uncertain, and the luggage capacity of the model, including the front hood, is stated as 854 liters.

Model Y, available with Full Self-Driving capability, can also be equipped with the Summon option, allowing you to summon the vehicle within a parking area. The American model, offering quality interior ventilation with a HEPA filter, considers its users with details such as a premium sound system, heated front and rear seats. Tesla, receiving updates over the internet, gains features like automatic lane changes, driving based on highway navigation commands, and stopping and slowing down according to traffic signs and traffic lights when the Full Self-Driving option is purchased. How do you find the Tesla Model Y?

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