Skoda Kamiq Review

Review Score: 8/10


Design, build quality, technology, interior space, ‘Simply Clever’ details, comfort


Road noise insulation needs improvement, occasional decrease in build quality, numb driving experience, requires careful use of the DSG transmission.

Car buyers often seek the best – the biggest, the most powerful, the most aesthetically pleasing. But what truly brings happiness? Is it the car’s outstanding features or its practicality, with thoughtful details that come to your aid when you’re in a bind?

The Skoda Kamiq is Skoda’s smallest SUV. While labeling vehicles without off-road capabilities as SUVs may seem incorrect, there’s not much to be done – the SUV segment currently dominates the market. As the largest member of the VAG group’s MQB A0 platform, the Kamiq, touched by Skoda’s hand, has become the most practical among Volkswagen’s B-SUVs.


Skoda’s new SUV family member, the Kamiq, introduced after the Kodiaq, shares similarities in design with its older sibling but exudes a more stylish and poised appearance. The double-layered front headlights, muscular hood lines, the grille design indicative of Skoda’s design language, and the bumper-free design give the front end a vibe more reminiscent of an MPV than an SUV. On the side, it features a large panoramic sunroof and a non-descending roof structure. The chrome details complement the car quite well. As for the rear design, it follows the classic Volkswagen aesthetic – simple, elegant, with sliding turn signal lights, unpainted lower bumper section typical for an SUV, and faux exhaust-like structures.

The two-spoke steering wheel in the interior design looks quite appealing. The shape of the door handles, along with the chrome accents, and the decorative elements on the front console add texture to the car’s interior, while the rest of the interior reveals the typical VAG design. The touch screen, digital display, controls behind the steering wheel, and the gear shifter, all sourced from the group, already come with well-designed features. While shared parts can be a positive aspect, I believe it should feel distinctive by integrating them correctly. Taking the touch screen as an example, yes, the touchscreen from the Volkswagen Group works very well, but having it placed in the center of the console in the same position, separate from the digital display at the top, does not provide uniqueness to the vehicle. Stellantis also uses the same screen, but Peugeot, Opel, and Citroen manage to present different designs.

Ride and Comfort

You understand why people choose Volkswagen Group vehicles when you drive them. Volkswagen engineers design their cars to be user-friendly, comfort-oriented, with the aim of providing you with a serene experience. Yes, there isn’t a particularly responsive or agile chassis beneath you, but it instills confidence and comfort in you. While Kamiq’s handling limits are not exceptionally high, they are at a level that won’t be criticized. When you try to push the car to its limits, it doesn’t provide much feedback, but you must navigate the small Czech citizen by anticipating the car’s limits.

With its soft steering, smooth suspension settings, average sound insulation for its class, and a 7-speed DSG transmission that tries not to make gear changes noticeable, the Kamiq provides comfort that will be sufficient for most people. The short front overhang and the positioning of the front passenger row closer to the windshield create more than expected legroom in the back, and the non-descending roofline provides good headroom at the rear. The 400-liter boot capacity, however, falls behind only a few cars in its class.

Equipment and Practicality

Although the equipment levels for Kamiq may have changed with its arrival in our country, it remains a well-equipped car in its class. Emphasizing safety features such as TOP LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping assistant, Kamiq also offers some gadgets like a digital display and fancy turn signals. Considering its class, the build quality of Kamiq is at a good level.

When it comes to practicality, Skoda engineers have incorporated several ‘Simply Clever’ details into the Kamiq. Some of these thoughtful details include an umbrella compartment, a water reservoir filling cap that prevents spills, a magnifying glass-equipped ice scraper for measuring tire tread depth, a removable phone and coin holder, and a detachable magnetic trunk light. These details are well-thought-out and prove to be very useful when needed, adding convenience to the daily use of the car, especially for families.

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