Renault’s Nostalgic Revival: The All-New Twingo Unveiled

Having joined the automotive scene in 1992, the Renault Twingo quickly became a sensation upon its release. Despite not perfectly aligning with the automobile needs of the Turkish public as an affordable, small, and city-centric car, the Twingo achieved impressive sales figures in the country. Unfortunately, after the first generation, it was no longer available for sale in Turkey, leaving a lasting impression. Unavailable in our country for almost 20 years, the Twingo continued its presence in Europe with its second and third generations. The tiny French car, expected to make a comeback in 2026, is currently presented as a concept. The vehicle showcased in the visual as the concept for the 4th generation was unveiled this week with ambitious features during its premiere.

When we think of Renault in our country, there is a perception of a brand with a diverse product range, being one of the best-selling brands in every era. In the showroom, one side is dedicated to less popular prestigious models (Safrane, Laguna, Latitude, Talisman, Koleos, etc.), while the other side features best-selling superminis and compact class cars (Clio, Megane, Scenic, etc.). On another side, there are always affordable models (Toros, Symbol, Taliant, etc.). In short, Renault Turkey’s product range plays a variety of tunes, thus managing to find a place in everyone’s life. The fact that almost everyone in Turkey has owned, driven, or traveled with a Renault at least once is a testament to this. You can spot Renaults everywhere in Turkey, from the remotest villages to the most developed areas.

Twingo, which is not available in Turkey due to Renault’s decision not to bring its A-segment cars to the country, aims to be a city car that everyone can reach, aspiring to be the first car for young drivers. In the concept design of its 4th generation, Renault designers drew inspiration from the design of the first-generation Twingo, which was sold and noticed in our country. This approach is similar to what Renault did with the Renault 5 concept. Renewing its logo, taking inspiration from its old logo, Renault seems to be undergoing a significant transformation. As the brand replaces MPV models with SUVs and transitions to electrification, it is also embracing retro designs.

The front of the car, inspired by the Twingo 1, also pays homage to the original Twingo with LED headlight rings and a three-part hood ventilation system. The green color in the concept is very similar to the green color of Twingo 1, while the short and steeply designed hood, the A-pillar that continues the same line as the hood, and the sporty yet sweet-looking fenders with curved lines due to externally designed wheels contribute to an attractive design for the New Twingo. From the side profile, the model reminiscent of the original Twingo suggests that, based on the concept design, the version sold in our country will be produced as a 5-door, unlike the one sold here. The round front door handle, the framed rear window, and the Twingo 1-inspired taillights are also well thought out. Although the design is as attractive as the original Twingo, the model will not be produced in this form as it is a concept; it will need to undergo some adjustments. For instance, producing the front headlights with such protrusions and subjecting them to crash tests is not logical nowadays. The functionality of the three-part hood ventilation system is also one of the question marks, and the hood ventilation should not be produced with such protrusions. These are aspects that engineers need to consider, so let’s move on to what car enthusiasts should think about.

The New Twingo, planned to be released solely as an electric vehicle at a price of less than 20,000 Euros, is expected to provide incredible fuel efficiency of around 10 kWh per 100 kilometers, according to Renault’s claims. This is an impressive value in the electric car world, indicating energy consumption that is 30-40% lower than its closest competitors. No other technical details about the model, for which long ranges are not expected, have been shared yet. What are your thoughts on the Twingo concept? Would you like to see it in our country?

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