Opel’s Supermini Gets a Detailed Update: The Renewed Corsa

The Corsa, Opel’s first model produced on the PSA platform, made its appearance with its last facelift before bidding farewell to internal combustion engines. After acquiring Opel in 2017, PSA focused on improving Opel’s model range and production methods to enhance profitability. The Corsa, in production since 2006 (Corsa D was released in 2006, and Corsa E was essentially a facelifted Corsa D), was in need of a change. The Corsa F, developed by Opel for some time on GM platforms, was almost ready for production. However, the fate of the Corsa changed drastically when it was presented to the new owner, PSA. PSA did not approve the production of such a vehicle due to factors like weight and engines. They provided Opel engineers with the platform and work on the new Peugeot 208, giving Opel only six months to release the new Corsa simultaneously with the Peugeot 208. Thus, the Corsa F emerged, lighter and more efficient than its predecessor.

The Corsa was a success this time, despite its shortcomings. It became the best-selling model on a monthly basis in Europe, outselling the Volkswagen Polo on some occasions. The success can be attributed to PSA’s efficient powertrain and transmission system, lightweight platform, and appealing design. The most significant disadvantage that prevented it from achieving even greater success was the lack of sufficient time for improvements in the build quality during the initial six-month period. There were noticeable and tangible inconsistencies in the build quality. Four years have passed, PSA and FCA merged to form the Stellantis Group. The Corsa F has aged, and its sales have started to decline. Whether Opel’s facelift operation can rejuvenate its supermini remains to be seen.

The front face of the Corsa has been updated according to Opel’s new design concept, the Opel Vizor. The glossy black visor connecting the headlight units, the refreshed LED Matrix headlight graphics, and the relocation of the fog lights to the lower grille, along with narrowed and repositioned air channels, help the Corsa maintain its freshness. The efficiency of the LED Matrix headlights has been increased by expanding the module count from 8 to 14. The newly added graphic gray color and updated wheel designs further enhance the vehicle’s appeal. Changes to the rear of the car are more limited, with slight thinning of the bumper section where the reflectors are located and the positioning of the model name in the center of the tailgate being the only alterations. With well-placed touches, the Corsa remains a visually appealing model.

The powertrain of the vehicle has been completely overhauled. The Corsa has earned the title of Opel’s first hybrid model with the new 1.2-liter Puretech engines producing 100 horsepower and 136 horsepower. This system operates on the Miller cycle and features a 48-volt mild hybrid support, increasing the power output of the top option by 6 horsepower. The new engines will be paired with Opel’s 6-speed dual-clutch e-DCS6 transmission. The durability of this dual-clutch transmission, expected to provide more comfortable and faster gear changes than the 8-speed AISIN automatic transmission, is a question mark, as known from the VAG Group. As for the Corsa-e, with the facelift, its power has been increased from 136 horsepower to 156 horsepower, and its range has been extended from 359 kilometers to 402 kilometers.

The facelift operation of the vehicle has also extended to the interior. Opel has replaced the processor of the digital instrument cluster and multimedia system with Snapdragon. For the first time in one of its models, Opel has added wireless Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay features. The interior, now equipped with a wireless charging system, has replaced the previously criticized low-resolution camera system with high-resolution cameras. The addition of a gear selector instead of the snakehead gear knob has brought a sense of spaciousness to the center console.

As one of the most technological, dynamic, and efficient models in its class, Corsa strives to maintain these titles, and the successful facelift operation supports this effort. How do you find the facelifted Opel Corsa?

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