New Hyundai Kona Introduced

Hyundai’s compact SUV, the Kona, is here with its new model. The small SUV, which has grown significantly compared to its predecessor and has enhanced its technology, will be offered to users with various engines and versions, just like before. Available in petrol, diesel, hybrid, and electric options, Kona continues to offer unique design differences at every trim level.

It’s a delightful detail that Hyundai maintains the variety of engine, design, and variant options under a single model name for the new generation of Kona. Although Hyundai may not have a long history, the brand likes to incorporate details from its past into new models, as seen in its flagship Grandeur. In fact, predicting what the Kona will be like is not difficult, considering its sibling, the Kia Niro. The Kona, which has grown by 15 cm compared to its predecessor, allocates 6 cm of this extension to the wheelbase, providing a more spacious legroom. The 2.5 cm increase has positively affected the headroom inside the Kona. In its electric version, the Kona has also gained a front trunk thanks to this growth.

Hyundai, a brand that heavily employs the “love it or hate it” design language, has presented the Kona with a design that sparks debates about its beauty and distinctiveness. While continuing the dual-layered headlight design, the Kona merges the daytime running lights placed above and positions the lower headlight cluster outward to give the vehicle a larger appearance than it actually is. Retaining its asymmetrical fenders, the Kona showcases itself with unique wheels and now features sharper design lines. With its seamless lines, the Kona demonstrates details such as the merging of the lower window trim with the rear spoiler and a single-piece rear taillight cluster. Hyundai, literally bringing the lower rear light cluster to the fender, opts for a sleek design at the rear of the car. The Kona adorns the unpainted lower bumper with an elegant protection plate, and the rear license plate is positioned at the very bottom of the large tailgate.

The Kona, reminiscent of the Ioniq 5 in its interior design, is adorned with distinctive features such as a three-spoke steering wheel and differently designed door handles, setting it apart from other Hyundai models. In addition to comfort-focused technologies, the Kona has enhanced its safety features. According to Hyundai officials, the aim is not only to be the most technologically advanced vehicle in its class but also to provide the most dynamic driving character, along with a practical and aesthetic design.

With the long-range option in its electric version, the new Kona boasts the longest range in its class, reaching up to 490 kilometers. Equipped with features like over-the-air updates, a digital key, one-pedal driving mode, head-up display, and an advanced Level 2 autonomous driving system, the Kona offers the capability to charge electric devices and even other electric vehicles. How do you find the new Kona?

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