Kia Sorento: Is It the Best 7-Seater Vehicle?

The Sorento is the SUV model introduced by the Korean manufacturer since 2002. With its comfort-focused design, spacious interior, and next-generation technologies, the Kia Sorento attracts attention with its appealing design language. Launched with petrol, diesel, and hybrid power units, the 4th generation Kia Sorento is imported to Turkey only with a hybrid unit due to the absurdity of the taxation system in our country. Let’s take a closer look at the 4th generation Kia Sorento.

Sorento adopts a muscular and American-style design philosophy, featuring Kia’s signature “tiger nose” front face. With its projection-type LED headlights, the Sorento achieves a modern look by using LED elements for all exterior lighting. The overall design of the Korean Tiger is characterized by straight lines, giving the impression of a tank due to the vehicle’s large dimensions. The Sorento incorporates large window surfaces to provide better visibility angles, enhancing the SUV feel. Black body protection parts emphasize the SUV sensation, while design elements such as the butterfly glass indentation and dual-piece rear lights differentiate the vehicle’s appearance from its competitors. The sporty front and rear bumpers add an extra touch to the vehicle. Hasn’t it become the most handsome Sorento to date?

The interior features an elegant steering wheel, an integrated design for the instrument panel and multimedia system, a double-deck front console design, and dual-part ventilation units, achieving a unique design. Details such as stylishly designed buttons, ambient lighting, and a round gear selector add richness to the interior. Comfort and usability are enhanced with features like seat and steering wheel heating, ventilated and electrically adjustable seats, a 3-zone climate control system, head-up display, and USB power outlets located behind the front seats. Even in the third row, the Sorento provides ventilation and cupholders. The cargo space, which is 697 liters in the 5-seater version, offers 608 liters in the 7-seater version with the third-row seats folded. The rear suspensions adjust their height based on the load at the back of the vehicle. With its spacious dimensions, the Sorento is one of the most ambitious in its class in terms of volume.

Level 2 autonomous driving features are now almost standard in every vehicle. However, the Kia Sorento stands out with some unique features not found in its competitors. When you signal, the Sorento displays the blind-spot view on the digital instrument panel, and it alerts passengers in the rear seats with rear-door lighting when they open the door, warning them about oncoming vehicles from behind. The Sorento also comes with hill descent control and boasts top-notch safety features in its class.

The 1.6-liter hybrid unit delivers a satisfying performance for a 7-seater family vehicle with 230 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque. This hybrid power unit, the most powerful in its class, is paired with a 6-speed fully automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. The parking assistant, allowing you to control the vehicle remotely, is a notable feature gifted by this hybrid unit. How do you find the Kia Sorento?

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