Final Enhancements for Alfa Romeo Models

Alfa Romeo, a brand that prefers to refresh its models after keeping them alive for 10 years with facelifts. It was time for the second facelift for the Giulia, now entering its 7th year, and the Stelvio, entering its 6th year. Although not bringing about significant changes, this facelift has helped the models adopt more current technologies and align with the brand’s unified design language. Perhaps, let’s take a look at the facelift of the four-leaf clovers, which might be the last internal combustion engine Alfa Romeos.

If you ask what the facelift brought, the only change in the exterior is the replacement of the front headlights with LED Matrix headlights. Giulia and Stelvio, now adopting a triple headlight design befitting Alfa Romeo, have transformed into a similar front face as their younger sibling, the Tonale. After joining Stellantis, Alfa Romeo became the 4th brand to utilize the LED Matrix headlight technology introduced by Opel to the group. Aimed at maintaining its position as the most dynamic model in its class, Alfa Romeo models now boast an even more aggressive front face. Don’t you think they look stunning?

The changes in the interior of the vehicles include a digital instrument panel and a more modern touchscreen borrowed from the Stellantis group. When you look at the changes, they may seem quite subtle, but Alfa Romeo needed to make these changes to keep the models vibrant. The fact that the next generation of Alfa Romeo models to come will be electric is indeed quite sad for a brand with such a rich history. How do you find the facelifted Alfa Romeo models?

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