Ferrari Purosangue

Imagine an SUV with a 6.5-liter V12 engine, and this naturally aspirated engine delivers an incredible power of 725 horsepower. This machine, designed to delight your ears with an engine that revs up to 8250 RPM, is something else. Purosangue, Ferrari’s first 4-door and 4-seater model 75 years later, is not actually labeled as an SUV by Ferrari. Does Ferrari produce SUVs? Let’s take a closer look at the Purosangue, for which Ferrari closed orders due to overwhelming demand.

Purosangue, having a higher ride height than all other Ferrari models, addresses this situation by incorporating a carbon fiber roof to reduce the disadvantages. With a front-mid engine layout to balance the weight distribution, Ferrari engineers aim for better weight distribution and handling compared to other SUV and crossover models. Achieving a 49% front and 51% rear weight distribution with the help of the 4WD transmission system, they utilize 6-way ‘Dynamic Chassis Sensors’ to measure the vehicle’s lateral tilt in corners. The Italian brand controls this situation through electronic and complex suspension systems. Additionally, with ABS 2.0 Evo, Ferrari enhances the car’s safety on low-grip surfaces.

Ferrari considers aerodynamics as one of the most crucial aspects. Details such as air channels reducing turbulence on the wheels, a front bumper lip enhancing front-end grip, and a meticulously designed rear diffuser (compensating for the absence of a rear wing due to the design) were worked on by Ferrari engineers through computer simulations. After all, they had to enhance the high-speed stability of a high-riding vehicle capable of reaching speeds up to 310 kilometers per hour. To meet the fuel consumption of this beast, a 100-liter fuel tank is included.

Purosangue, carrying Ferrari’s new design language, features sleek LED headlights, the classic long hood, wide rear fenders, frameless doors, and rear-hinged rear doors. Looking at the design, what you see is how fluid and aerodynamic it is. Can we call it the most handsome SUV to date? It’s certainly the most powerful SUV ever produced.

Inside, Purosangue continues to deliver the Ferrari experience. With a symmetrical front console that looks like there should be a steering wheel on both sides, button-operated doors, sporty seats, and a 12.3-inch touchscreen, it offers the most comfortable and technologically advanced Ferrari interior to date. However, due to the touchscreen’s placement, the driver is unlikely to use it. After all, a Ferrari driver should only be concerned with the road, right? What are your thoughts on the Ferrari Purosangue?

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