Electric Volkswagen for Everyone: ID.2all

Volkswagen aims to increase its market share in electric vehicle sales by offering an electric car at a price below 25,000 euros. To achieve this goal, a conceptual model was introduced, the ID.2all. With the ID series, Volkswagen is essentially defining its new identity. Having the Beetle as its first identity and the first-generation Golf as its second identity, Volkswagen emphasized its transition to an electric brand with the ID.3. As part of this identity shift, Volkswagen aims to add 10 different electric vehicle models to its product range by 2026. With the ID.2all, Volkswagen is pursuing the goal of producing an “electric car for everyone.” The name Volkswagen ID.2all (People’s Car, For Everyone) is quite meaningful.

ID.2all concept, featuring Volkswagen’s current design language, is expected to be available in its production version by 2025. Volkswagen officials mentioned that the C-pillar detail found in the Golf will now be present in all compact Volkswagen models. They indicated that the ID.2all is similar in size to the Polo but has the same spaciousness as the Golf due to its longer wheelbase. The model, said to be as affordable as the Polo, will be Volkswagen’s first front-wheel-drive model based on the Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB). Volkswagen designers aimed to resemble the front of the vehicle to a human face, achieving a beautiful front design. The overall design of the vehicle follows the classic Volkswagen style – simple, clean, yet stylish enough to appeal to everyone’s taste.

Volkswagen plans to use an electric motor with 226 horsepower in the upper trim levels of the ID.2all, even though it may not be available in the entry-level version. With this power unit, the goal is to offer a range of up to 450 kilometers. The model is expected to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers/hour in less than 7 seconds and will be limited to a maximum speed of 160 kilometers/hour. Do you find these performance figures impressive?

The ID.2all is planned to be 3 cm higher and 3 cm wider than the current Golf model. Despite being approximately 20 cm shorter than the Golf, it aims to provide the same wheelbase. With a luggage capacity of 440 liters, which is 60 liters larger than the Golf, the ID.2all will also feature a lockable storage compartment of 50 liters under the rear seats. Volkswagen engineers have indicated that the interior will adopt a more user-friendly multimedia interface, and they have carried the stylish design from the exterior into the interior as well.

ID.2all aims to enhance its standing in its class by offering second-level autonomous driving capabilities, utilizing technologies found in larger ID models. Features such as Volkswagen’s IQ.Light LED Matrix headlights, automatic parking assistant, seats with massage functionality, and the Electric Vehicle Route Planner will be included. How do you find the ID.2all with these features?

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