Deep Facelift for Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai Sonata, even though it didn’t come to our country with its latest generation, continues to exist as a sedan model. Currently, Sonata, which has one of the most unique designs in its class, has transformed into a completely different car with the facelift. Since it is produced with high-displacement naturally aspirated engines like typical Far Eastern sedans, it did not come to our country with its 8th generation. The reason why the model, which has the 1.6-liter T-GDI engine in Tucson, was not imported to our country is a subject of curiosity. The reason for not coming to Turkey may be the decreasing sedan sales in Europe because the 8th generation of Sonata was not offered for sale in Europe either.

Before the facelift, Sonata had Hyundai’s design language with a large single-piece grille and slanted headlight design on the front. It featured a unique lighting and design element with an extension of daytime running lights that extended to the middle of the hood, providing illumination from under the chrome when the car was running, creating a distinctive appearance. With the facelift, Sonata now adopts Hyundai’s current design language with a sleek and single-piece daytime running light and an updated bumper design, integrating the main lighting group into the bumper for a more modern and attractive design. The relocated logo on the hood contributes to a more premium look. Changes to the side profile of the car are minimal, including the addition of a black-colored design detail to the front fenders, updated mirror design, and refreshed futuristic wheel designs. The already appealing design has been further deepened and detailed.

The rear design of the car is the most matured aspect. The line connecting the rear lights, which looked a bit odd in the previous generation, has been repositioned to run above the logo, creating an illuminated effect. The updated T-shaped design of the tail lights, in line with current Hyundai models, combined with the more aggressive bumper design, contributes to a much sportier appearance.

The interior of the Sonata, which has been almost completely redesigned, reduces the number of steering wheel spokes from 4 to 3, offering a safer interior. Similar to the design of the instrument panel and multimedia screen used in the Ioniq 5, the model combines these two screens to appear as a single unit. The design of the ventilation grilles has been slightly squared off, and when the shortcut buttons are relocated below the vents, the interior gains a more premium feel. The climate control buttons have been updated, and with the reduction in size of the gear selector, the armrest has been enlarged.

Sonata N Line

The Sonata will also receive the N Line version with the facelift, featuring a sportier front and rear bumper, more aggressive wheel design, and darkened details. The additional features and engine options to be added to the already well-equipped Sonata’s list of equipment have not been disclosed yet. How do you find the facelift of the Sonata?

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