Audi’s Electric Future Takes Form with the New Model: Q6 e-tron

Audi, a German premium car manufacturer known for its sporty designs, operates under the umbrella of Volkswagen AG. It is the only premium manufacturer within the Volkswagen Group that produces high volumes. Introducing the PPE (Premium Platform Electric), it replaces the MLB evo platform and marks the first car to utilize this new platform. The PPE platform is expected to be employed in various models ranging from Audi A5 to Porsche Cayenne, representing the group’s next-generation E3 electric platform.

Based on the prototype visuals, Audi seems to have chosen a more traditional approach for its electric cars. The brand adheres to its old design language, and it appears that the space under the prominent front lights will house the secondary lights. The graphic design of the lights resembles Audi’s current LED matrix light design, and the classic Audi grille finds its place in the design. The aggressive front bumper design, along with muscular fender lines, gives the SUV model a very sporty appearance. The decision not to include concealed door handles indicates a conventional approach. The sloping roofline towards the back and the body-colored D-pillar up to the roof are additional details enhancing the well-proportioned design.

The integrated rear stoplights, featuring beautiful internal graphics, contribute to the classic Audi design language in the rear. The simplicity and elegance continue with the tailgate and its upper section, while the bumper is adorned with a diffuser and decorative elements to add dynamism. Hiding the rear wiper and door handles could have elevated the design to the next level.

Audi, adopting a more ergonomic design for the interior, has finally moved away from the design used within the Volkswagen Group for the past 20 years. The Q6 e-tron features a unified panel housing the digital instrument cluster and touchscreen, resembling a setup similar to other German premium competitors. The car boasts a stylish four-spoke steering wheel with digital controls. The design incorporates an LED strip reminiscent of the driver warning system in the Volkswagen ID.3, and the ventilation ducts are horizontally oriented. However, the turn signal and wiper stalks remain, as Tesla did away with these controls in the new Model 3. The center console, housing the gear selector, a few buttons, and an armrest, adds a touch of elegance.

Audi maintains the same design language in the rear passenger area, offering a clean and elegant design with minimal clutter. With features like the armrest, shaded rear side windows, net-like storage pockets, climate controls on the center console, and a nearly negligible center tunnel, the Q6 e-tron promises comfortable journeys. Providing ample headroom, the car is designed with short rear seats, likely due to the batteries being positioned beneath them, suggesting a potentially limited legroom. What are your thoughts on the Audi Q6 e-tron?

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