A Genuine Citroën: C4X

Bizarre, unconventional, unexpected. Some of the adjectives that come to mind when the name of the French manufacturer is mentioned. Citroën, known for vehicles with unique designs and different features in every era, presents us with yet another distinctive car. C4X can be described as the sedan version of the C4. But is that all there is to it? Have we ever encountered “dodiks” (a term used in Turkish for distinctive fender bulges) on a sedan before?

Citroen C4 is actually a hatchback. Playing to the customer base that leans towards SUVs by giving the C4 a slightly elevated appearance with distinctive fender bulges and plastic cladding, Citroën applied a similar formula to the C4X, the sedan version of the C4. Citroen appealed to those who prefer higher ground clearance with its elevated structure and plastic protections. Actually, I’m not sure how accurate it is to call the vehicle a sedan. With the liftback feature as the trunk lid opens together with the rear window, it could be considered a liftback; with a seamless rear silhouette, it could be called a fastback; and with its elevated height, it might be dubbed a crossover. Four descriptions for one vehicle, a bit confusing, isn’t it?

C4X shares the same front end with the C4 up to the end of the front door. Embracing the brand’s dual-tier headlight design, the C4X showcases Citroën’s interpretation of this design language, which they claim to execute the best. Isn’t that right, BMW? With its round and soft lines, the C4X, along with the backpack it wears on its back, resembles a turtle due to its elevated structure. From the rear door onwards, a different character is present compared to the front. Simple lines and single-piece taillights, instead of the dual-tier design in its hatchback sibling, give the car a very sporty and handsome look. The roofline, which starts to descend later compared to its sibling, and the fastback structure at the rear are additional details that enhance the car’s attractiveness.

Citroën offers the C4X with the familiar 1.2 130 horsepower turbo petrol and 1.5 130 horsepower turbo diesel engines. Additionally, there is an electric version named e-C4X with 136 horsepower. The electric version offers a range of 350 kilometers with a 50 kWh battery pack. All three engine options are quite sufficient for family use, and the internal combustion ones, as you might have guessed, come with the EAT8 transmission, providing performance when needed.

Equipped with Citroën’s dual-tier suspension system, the C4X is a comfort-focused vehicle, and its soft suspension system is an indicator of that. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any interior photos of the car anywhere. Citroën officials have not shared any images other than those showing people smiling in the car without revealing the interior details, neither on Citroën’s distributor websites nor on official media sites. In the interior of the C4X, which has the same front end as the C4, Citroën aimed to enhance comfort with soft seat cushions. The touchscreen of the car has been updated, unlike the C4, to improve the smoothness of the multimedia system. The rear seatbacks of the C4X, which are positioned more horizontally compared to its hatchback sibling, offer much better headroom and legroom in the rear seats. The trunk capacity of the C4X is 510 liters compared to the 380 liters in the hatchback sibling. The tablet holder in front of the front passenger seat, which is present in the C4, is also featured in the C4X.

Featuring equipment such as LED headlights, level 2 autonomous driving, front-rear parking sensors, front and rear cameras, C4X has all the necessary equipment as an affordable model in its class. The fact that the head-up display is projected on a plastic piece rather than on the windshield is distracting. So how did you like Citroen C4X?

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