6 Details You Need to Know About Koenigsegg CC850

Koenigsegg has been a supercar manufacturer for 20 years. Perhaps the most advanced cars are produced by the Swedish brand, known for its use of advanced technologies and innovative approaches in its vehicles. We’ve listed 6 details about Koenigsegg’s CC850 model, which the company will produce in limited numbers, for you.

1. Only 70 Units Will Be Produced

Koenigsegg’s CC850, inspired by the first model ever produced by the brand, the CC8S, was initially announced to be produced in a limited edition of 50 units, in celebration of the founder Christian von Koenigsegg’s 50th birthday. Due to high demand, this number was later increased to 70, incorporating the brand’s age of 20, and orders were taken for the final production quantity of 70 units.

2. 1:1 Weight/Power Ratio

Koenigsegg CC850 boasts a low weight of 1385 kilograms for a super sports car. Accompanying this weight is an engine with an impressive 1385 horsepower and 1385 Newton-meters of torque. Of course, to achieve this power, you need to use E85-coded ethanol-based fuel. Depending on the fuel used, the CC850 can deliver a power output of 1169 horsepower with regular fuels.

3. Equipped with Both 6-Speed Manual and 9-Speed Automatic Transmission Simultaneously

Yes, you heard it right. In fact, the gear lever is not directly connected to the transmission. The gear lever electronically commands the transmission, and when in the ‘D’ position, the car can be used as a 9-speed automatic. When you want to use the car manually, this 9-speed transmission allows you to directly use 6 of the 9 gears through the gear lever, depending on the selected mode of the vehicle. When driving manually, the 1st gear ratio in sport mode is not the same as the 1st gear ratio in normal mode. Quite complex, but clever, isn’t it?

4. Aluminum-Honeycomb Carbon Fiber Chassis

CC850, having one of the most robust chassis in automotive history, features Koenigsegg’s safest passenger protection cell. The external body, reinforced with carbon fiber and Kevlar sandwich panels, enhances collision safety. Additionally, you have the option to remove the hardtop roof for open-air driving.

5. Chrono Gauge Panel

Koenigsegg engineers have worked on and integrated the 2nd generation Chronocluster into the CC850. While the analog gauge panel may appear complex at first glance, don’t you find it both elegant and iconic?

6. Details Suitable for Daily Use

Supercars are generally not suitable for daily use due to the challenges of real-world road conditions. However, the CC850, with its height adjustable according to modes to tackle everyday road irregularities, also has the ability to raise the front of the car by 5 cm. Koenigsegg aims for more comfort with details such as a 360-degree camera, front and rear parking sensors, and even adjustable pedals. The central touchscreen allows easy access to the user manual.

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